Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Avenging Spider-Man - Preview


Writer Zeb Wells and artist Joe Maduerira are teaming up to bring you a new Spider-Man title from Marvel. Avenging Spider-Man is going to be a new series where Peter Parker will team up with other members of The Avengers or other Marvel Characters to take on foes in New York City and around the world.

The free preview that Marvel sent out this week includes a teaser where Spidey and Red Hulk head to New York City from an Avengers mission to take on a group of goblins who are attacking marathon runners and Mayor Jameson during an event on the Staten Island bridge.

The artwork by Maduerira is breathtaking. It holds tons of movement, emotion and flare. Wells' writing is witty and tight, bringing the Spider-Man that readers have loved since the beginning. The mixture art and writing on this title is going to be insanely fun, and if you can find the free preview issue in stores you should pick it up.

It's also been released that this title will have a download code in every issue that will allow readers to have a digital copy of each issue they buy on the Marvel Comics App. This new addition to the comic book industry will allow readers to have two secured copies of the titles that they buy. I've been talking about this with other creators for years and I think it's about time that the big two, and every publisher, jumped on the bandwagon.

The official series will start in November of this year.

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