Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Action Comics #2 - Review


If there's anyone besides Bruce Timm who could make me love Superman again, it's Grant Morrison. In Action Comics #2, Superman finds himself being tortured by Lex Luthor and the U.S. Government in a secret facility. Luthor is determined to find out what makes Superman tick, and he's getting a bit of information from a mysterious outside source. Superman offers them a chance to let him go, and when they don't comply he makes his own exit. But what's waiting for him in a recovered rocket and who is supplying the people of Earth information about Krypton?

Written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Rags Morales, this issue was definitely action-packed. Morrison's new take on the younger Superman has him back to his vulnerable state. Instead of being the hero who can't be harmed, Superman has regained his mortal side in Morrison's new run. He's more like the Hercules he was in the 1940's than the unstoppable superhero he's been for the past few decades. This is making him much more human and makes his feats much more inspiring.

Morales is crafting a series where you can feel every hit and movement on the page, and with a title like Action Comics it's a must. The way he draws the fledgling Superman battling off the U.S. Army and taking bullets makes you want to don a cape and start flying. It's a take on the character that was desperately needed, and I think it's going to become another quintessential part of the character's literary history.

I give this book a 4.5/5 for being another awe-inspiring revamp of the original superhero.

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