Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Suicide Squad #1 - Review

Suicide Squad #1


Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark have been taken captive with a number of other criminals and are being tortured, asked to divulge their employer. After an idiot named Savant gives up their information, they’re revealed to be voluntary members of a group called Task Force X — death row inmates that are given the chance to fight for their country to gain their freedom. But the members of Task Force X have a different name for the group . . . The Suicide Squad.

Written by Adam Glass, this new addition to DC’s New 52 was, and there’s no better way to put this, pretty damn cool. I’ve always been a fan of Deadshot and it’s about time he got a series to star in where he’s taken seriously. His redesigned costume still has the classic silver and red look, but has been updated and more thought out. The concept of a group of unstable supervillains working for the government has always been something I’m interested in, and it looks as if Suicide Squad is going to deliver. It isn’t afraid to get bloody, dirty, and violent. All the things that I’d expect from some of the DC Universe’s most vile villains.

The writing was really well done on this issue. Glass was able to take the point of view of more than one member and combine them in order to give us character backgrounds and explain why they were all in the same room. It was probably a daunting task to introduce so much in a first issue, but Glass pulled it off. Not to mention the great artwork by Federico Dallocchio. The character designs and panels were spot-on, and I was left wanting more as soon as I turned the last page.

Where some New 52 titles have failed, this one has succeeded. It’s interesting, has strong characters, and is a series I’m going to keep with since the DC reboot. You can expect to read many updated adventures of the Suicide Squad on Sequential Review. I give it a 4.5 without any reservations.

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