Friday, September 30, 2011

Nightwing #1 - Review


Dick Grayson has hung up the Batman cowl and returned to his own identity in Nightwing #1, written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Eddy Barrows. It finds Grayson out on patrol as Nightwing and having an inner monologue about what he's learned about crime fighting and Gotham City under the guise of the Bat. When he visits Haley's Circus, where his parents were killed, he meets old friends and makes a new enemy who is just as nimble as he is.

Since Scott Snyder's run on Detective Comics I've become a big fan of Grayson. Not just as Batman but as a character in general. The writing in this issue is pretty snappy and I really enjoyed it. I did find the villain a little lacking, though. He was just a no-named guy in a tactical suit with X-23 style claws. I'm sure the character will get a better stretch in the next issue, but I liked the villain he fought in the beginning of the issue a bit better.

The artwork was fun as hell. I've always loved any artist's take on Grayson's acrobatic fighting style and Barrows was able to convey it perfectly. I also like the new look of the costume and the new color scheme, which kind of has a Batman Beyond feel to it. The panels and pacing were well placed, though I felt like the pacing on the last two pages was a little off. All of a sudden Nightwing was down and I wasn't sure why.

As far as this book goes I'd say it's worth reading and give it a 3.5/5. I know that isn't as high as some other books, but it's not something that got me as excited as the other comics in the New 52. I'm still going to stay with it, mainly because it replaced my subscription to Red Robin, and I'm willing to see where Higgins takes Grayson as a crime fighter in Gotham now that the DC Universe has been restructured.

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