Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Justice League: Dark #1 - Review


The future is being torn asunder right in front of Madame Xanadu's eyes as she gazes from the present. Only a group of men and women led by Shade, the changing man, can stop the oncoming threat. The Justice League has already failed. Superman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman have fallen at the hands of The Enchantress. Who can champion justice when it faces the dark?

I loved this book.

Written by Petter Milligan and drawn by Mikel Janin, Justice League: Dark is the book that I've been waiting for to reign in all of DC's magical characters. It has the same kind of feel as Vertigo's Fables and all of the action of a regular JLA title. It didn't jump the gun and have everyone together right away, which I think was a strong move. Instead it's slowly building up the formation of the team and explaining why they'd be needed in the New 52.

The writing by Milligan is haunting and inviting. It pulls you in with the first magical twist and keeps you going with scary imagery and compelling characters. The artwork by Janin lends a great deal of help to the issue, too. There's a very detailed and solid feel to every character and panel. It's in no way cheap or thrown together. It shows real promise as an ongoing series from both the literary and artistic standpoint.

I'm going to give this book a 4.5/5, which I admit is pretty high for a whole new concept. I might be siding with it because I'm such a big fan of stories about the occult and supernatural, but I think that it appeals to anyone who loves comics, mystery, and the horror genre. If anything it's been the horror titles that I've been enjoying more and more of. With dark books like Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and now Justice League: Dark, DC has a powerful new set of genre titles to give a backbone to the New 52.

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