Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Green Lantern #1 - Review


In Geoff John's Green Lantern #1 we find Sinestro dealing with the fact that a green power ring has once again chosen him to join the Green Lantern Corps. He doesn't think that he should have it, but the Guardians are insisting that he keep it. Meanwhile on Earth, Hal Jordan is trying to adjust to being a normal person again. He's got no car, bills due, and no one to turn to. But what does an old adversary have in store for the former Green Lantern?

This definitely wasn't what I was expecting from the first issue of a relaunched Green Lantern series, but it surprised me in a good way. I really enjoyed Johns exploring Jordan as someone tossed back into society after having been a cosmic avenger for so long. It's reassuring to know that even without a power ring Jordan is willing to throw himself in the way of danger, as he does in this issue. It was also great to see another story from the point of view of Sinestro. He's very much the Magneto of the DC Universe in the sense that he isn't technically evil, he only wants to control the universe more efficiently than the Guardians.

The artwork was pretty standard for Doug Mahnke, which isn't a bad thing at all, it was a good looking book. I especially liked the series of panels where Sinestro is on an asteroid looking out over Korugar, his home planet, with a giant construct of a telescope embedded into the rock. It was the kind of feel that I expect from a book that can have one scene on Earth and then move to a scene in deep space.

This isn't a reboot by any means, because it picks up right where it left off in the last issue of the last run. I'm going to give it a 4/5. It's a great book and it's still one of my favorite series, but it wasn't anything spectacular or new. I do admit that I put one of my Lantern t-shirts on as soon as I was done reading it though.

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