Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Green Arrow #1 - Review


This was my first comic of the week and the second book I've read of the new DC Universe. I have to say I wasn't impressed. We find Green Arrow already on a mission and ignoring his duties as the heir to a very powerful company only rivaled by Wayne Tech and Lexcorp, but of course Oliver Queen is never to be found in the board room. Instead he's out galavanting in Europe after a group of small time supervillains at a night club. After a scuffle on a cruise ship he's able to take the three of them out, only leading to a whole new set of problems that will await him in the near future.

This issue was written by J.T. Krull and was just plain flat. The dialogue at times felt forced, as if he was trying to give a throwback to Golden Age comics or just writing without putting much effort into it. The artwork by Dan Jurgens was even worse. There was a close up with a set of eyes that made me think they were going to bulge out even though there was nothing dramatic going on in the story at the time. The look of Green Arrow is also a bit disappointing. He's traded in his longer hair and goatee for an unshaven look and short hair. I wasn't big on the fact that he has a pair of young people helping him out back in the office, and the character Jax, who builds his weaponry, was really unappealing. All he did was further the plot through bad dialogue and complain about being a weapon smith. Ollie also uses a bit more tech than some other incarnations of the character, and I don't know if it really fits him. The outfit on the whole isn't bad, but it's not like the original promo image we got of him when they announced the new fifty-two.

I feel like they're trying to make Green Arrow more like his Smallville counterpart, which I also wasn't a big fan of. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Green Arrow fan. I think he's one of the more underrated characters in the DC library. But this title just didn't do it for me. It felt rushed, flat, and uninspired. I might try another issue down the line when they've figured the new Queen out a bit, but for now I'll take a backseat. I only hope that this isn't an omen for the rest of the new DC Universe.

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