Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Flash #1 - Review


I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it was but . . . DAMN. It's really good. Written by Francis Manapul and drawn by Brian Buccellato, The Flash #1 delivers on all fronts. The writing is superb, the artwork is fantastic, and it paves the way for what a relaunch title should be.

The story revolves around a classic Flash and armed intruders story but then takes a very personal turn for Barry Allen. Not only is The Flash accused of killing one of the assailants, the perp in question is one of Allen's closest friends. As he investigates how his friend could have been mixed up in something so illegal, he finds that the answers to his questions are even more complicated.

The writing on this issue by Manapul leads me to believe that he really knows where Allen is coming from. It's crafted with the same kind of care that someone who had been writing and developing a character for years would put into it. And paired with the artwork by Bucellato, forget about it. The look of this book is so damn cool that I want to frame every page and put it on the wall. The sequences where Allen dons the costume from his yellow ring are incredible. The pacing and panel layouts are fresh and keep the eyes moving while effectively telling the entire story. The movement was felt with every panel, and in a Flash book that's really important.

I give this book a solid 5/5, and from what I've read of other reviewers it seems like I'm not alone on this. It's a title that everyone should be reading. It's crisp, fresh, and original while also being classic. It's what comic books should be.

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