Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Senses #0 - Review

Five Senses #1 – Review


In issue zero of Five Senses, created by Raymond Brothers, Scott Glassgold, and written by Jake Black, we’re introduced to Chad Bowman, who is an up and coming young business man who witnesses a brutal murder in broad daylight. The murder doesn’t fit with his schedule and perfectly planned life, so he opts to lie to the police in order to make it to an important meeting. That’s when the messages start arriving. Someone knows that he’s not coming forward, and it just might cost Bowman his life.

The setup for this book is one of my favorite types in the horror and thriller genre, which is a person who makes a horrible and justified choice and must pay the price through supernatural forces. It also helps that there are creepy dolls scattered throughout the story. Those scare the pants off of anyone.

The writing is lean, tight, and leaves the reader genuinely intrigued as to who could possibly be taunting Bowman. The presence of whoever is taking away his senses and terrorizing him seems almost unnatural, but that’s still to be determined in the story.

The artwork, done by Justine Wayne, has a clean and crisp feel to it. It has very subdued colors contrasted with heavy reds and graphic images. It gives the feeling that the real world is being invaded by violence and it makes it all the more powerful during a very brutal flashback scene while Bowman is giving a presentation.

Overall it’s a great introduction to a new title. There haven’t been that many good horror genre books in the past few decades, but lately there have been a surge of them on the shelves. Five Senses has the eeriness of a Stephen King novel and the same cosmic justice that classic fairy tales are famous for. It’s definitely a title that I’ll be reading in the coming months, and if you’re into horror comics like I now am, it’s one you’ll be wanting to read as well.

The comic is published by Viper Comics and will be released today on September 23, 2011. It can be found through digital retailers like iVerse,, and Comixology.

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