Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DMZ #69 - Review


Brian Wood's DMZ is a title that I always recommend to people looking to get into comics that aren't about superheroes, monsters, or science fiction. He writes the characters so deeply and the plot so emotionally that I always feel changed after reading a few issues or a trade paperback. In this newest issue, continuing The Five Nations of New York storyline, Wood alludes to Matty's inability to grieve for those that he's lost during the war, and gives us a bit of foreshadowing as to what is coming.

Matty may have had good intentions for reporting the war, but the consequences of his actions are coming back to haunt him. As he visits the various cities within the city, he realizes that there's still a long way for each of the nations to go,a nd that it won't be an easy transition into peace.

The artwork by Riccardo Burchielli is just as good as it has been, and the pacing in the issue through the writing and the art makes it a short but poignant read. There were panels where I could actually feel the weight on Matty's shoulders, and others where I could feel the amount of loss people in New York have felt in this story.

The series will be ending soon, and I'm glad I jumped on at this point. I plan on going back and reading the rest of it, but for now I'll sit on the edge of my seat, month after month, waiting to see what happens to the reporter who was stranded in the DMZ of New York City.

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