Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Detective Comics #1 - Review

Detective Comics #1


I received the first issue of the new Detective Comics from the DC Universe Reboot yesterday and I read it twice. The first time I read it strictly to enjoy the story and get a feel for when it takes place. If there’s one thing about this new DC Universe, it’s really complicated. What was supposed to make the continuity easier to understand has made it harder to grasp, even for long time comic fans. It seems that this series is another one that doesn’t take place in the present day. Of course there was no indication of this, and the reader has to just figure it out or ask someone else why Batman hasn’t had too many tangles with the Joker yet. It finds Batman hot on the clown prince of crime’s trail to a series of murders, and has him making some rookie mistakes while trying to fight crime.

Tony S. Daniel, who was writing the Batman title before he and Scott Snyder traded writing duties, wrote the story. I was never a fan of Daniel’s stories on the regular title, because it just felt kind of flat and over the top. I had been a bigger fan of Snyder’s Detective Comics because it was more of the crime noir feeling that I enjoy in Batman stories. I’m sorry to say that the Detective Comics that I had enjoyed reading so much over the past couple of years is gone, and that the same bland writer of the last title has done the same to this one.

Batman spends too much time letting everyone know he’s Batman, and the dialogue is really flat. There were times when I thought I was reading a first draft that hadn’t been worked out yet. Snyder was able to make the captions work on his run, but Daniel just tries to replace any dialogue that could have taken place with them. Overall it was kind of a let down. The art by Ryan Winn was also a little sub par. There were one or two panels when Batman looked too buff and menacing. And I felt as if the pacing was a little off, which could have been the writer or the artist on the project.

I’d have to give this a 3. It’s not bad, but it’s less than what I’m used to on this title.

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