Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coffee and Beer Money - Review


Becky Hawkins' new minicomic Coffee and Beer is a journey into the world seen through Becky's eyes, or at least the cartoon version of herself. When it comes to explaining her life, she doesn't pull any punches. She gets right down to what happened, how it made her feel, and the result. If anything it feels more like a journal than a story, but that's not a bad thing. It does make it a bit more personal, and whether these stories are truth or fiction, they still made me feel like I got the complete picture of what kind of person Ms. Hawkins is.

The style is a very simple and clean black and white scheme with a classic cartoon strip layout. I think this really was the best style for the story, and that traditional mainstream comic paneling would have taken something away from it. Hawkins does have her own cartooning style, especially when it comes to drawing herself, but she's able to play with it in a few funny ways that lets the reader know that she can do a bit more with her ink.

Overall it's a fun comic that would be perfect for young women or men who live in the city and are trying to do something original with an art medium that's overpopulated with superheroes, tights, and over-sexualized women. It's reassuring to know that people still try to make comics that just express how they're feeling and what sort of things they experience in life. Do I share many of these experiences with Hawkins? No. But she's able to show through images, captions, and dialogue how she feels, and understanding grief is still a universal truth.

You can pick up this minicomic and others at, her personal website.

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