Sunday, September 25, 2011

Batman #1 - Review


I can't tell you how excited I was to pick up this issue. Scott Snyder has been my favorite Batman writer for the past year and I've made that pretty vocal. I got used to his storytelling and style in Detective Comics and was pleased to hear that he'd be taking on the main titled Batman series during the relaunch. I loved his new take on Swamp Thing, so I was hoping he'd bring the same to the table with the new first issue of everyone's favorite Dark Knight.

I'm pleased to say that it exceeded my expectations.

This is what I've been wanting in a Batman title for a long time. It has all the scope of Bruce Wayne's role in the DC Universe while also keeping the dark tones and elements of Snyder's run on Detective. His introduction to Wayne and the Bat Family in this issue lets the readers know that what has happened in the past at DC still matters, but that he wants to take the character and the story forward. It's the attitude that everyone should have had going into this and this book proves that the reboot/relaunch was a good idea. The writing is tight, lean, and has that haunting sort of feel that I love in really good Batman stories.

The artwork by Greg Capullo is outstanding. It's got that perfect comic book blend of realistic and cartooned style that fits perfectly with this title. There were panels and pages that I actually wish I had posters of to put on my wall. One scene in particular where Batman is fighting in a huge crowd of escaped convicts at Arkham Asylum really got my eyes hungry for more.

There have been many books in the DC New 52 that I haven't enjoyed, but Snyder's books have redefined what a DC book can be. Instead of trying to copy another publisher or do the same thing but different, Snyder has simply done Batman the way he loves Batman. It may sound like a simple answer, but it creates an emotional response in people who love the character and want to see him continue on for decades down the road. I'll be eagerly reading this new series by Snyder and anyone who loves Batman should do the same. I give it a solid 5/5. It's really just spectacular on all levels. Bravo Snyder and Capullo, bravo.

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