Saturday, September 24, 2011

7 Billion Needles: Vol. 4 - Review


In the final volume of Nobuaki Todano's 7 Billion Needles Hikaru, Malestrom, and Horizon must fight to ensure the safety and current status of the planet as a sweeping mass of evolutionary monsters try to destroy all life on Earth in order to restart the planet's cycle. But it'll take more than superpowers and brute force to save the all life as we know it. The real answer might lie in the question that most outcasts and rebels are afraid to ask: do we really want to be alone?

It's been a long time coming, but this series is finally over. When I picked up this volume I had no idea it was the last and it made me a little upset. I was hoping that it was going to continue on for a while, even if it were just for the awesome covers and artwork, but I'm glad that the story was short and to the point. Hikaru's character has come a long way since the first chapter and by the time she faces her rival, Chika, she's more than capable of stepping out in the open and saving her friends and family.

The artwork for this whole series was wonderful. It had a really unique line style, even for Japanese manga, and had some really cool effects on the printed page. The parts with the monsters and the masses of evil flesh terrorizing Japan looked like something ripped right out of Akira, but it had Todano's own flair and emotion to make it all the more original and satisfying.

As far as manga goes in America this is one of the best translated and widely available titles out there. At a time when books like Death Note and Bleach rule over readership, this one comes in and delivers a high-flying kick of originality, even if it is based on the story by Hal Clement. Now that the whole series is available you can treat yourself by buying all four at once and diving right in. They also look awesome on the shelf in their red, yellow, green, and blue covers.

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