Tuesday, August 2, 2011

X-Men: Schism #2 - Review


In the next installment of Jason Aaaron's X-Men: Schism the sentinels are being deployed all across the world to hunt down the mutant menace and save humanity. The only problem that their creators didn't count on was saving humanity from the sentinels. Many of the giant robots have been in storage for a decade and are crashing left and right or attacking humans as soon as they're activated. The X-Men, Avengers, and any other Marvel hero are on the case as they try and stop any collateral damage from the hulking machines. Meanwhile, the Hellfire Club is preparing to make its move against the mutants, and Wolverine doesn't agree with Cyclops' strategy in order to deal with it all.

The writing on this issue wasn't as strong as the first, but that might be due to the fact that it's a bridge to what is to come in the following issues. It still had some great moments, like when Wolverine insists on calling Steve Rogers and letting him know some vital information, which is then stopped by Cyclops and leads to a huge argument. That might also be my new found love for Captain America seeping in, but it was still a cool little cameo. The other aspects of the story, including the faces behind the Hellfire Club, was pretty interesting. It's a much different take on the group than the original members, and it'll be a fresh shake up as an X-Men group of villains.

This story had art done by Frank Cho and it wasn't the greatest I've ever seen. It had some beautiful moments, but for the most part it looked as if it couldn't decide whether to make the characters cartoony or realistic on the page. The panels in terms of pacing were still very good, they just didn't seem very consistent and didn't draw me in.

Overall there were some parts that dragged on a bit, and the art wasn't that great, but I'm not giving up on this title just yet. If you consider how much this is going to affect X-Men titles down the road, it's important to know what the cause of all the new books is going to be.

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