Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Ultimates #1 - Review


Jonathan Hickman pens the first issue of The Ultimates new ongoing series, which is part of the Ultimate Marvel Universe. As Nick Fury tries to control the various situations developing around the globe, an unseen number of threats throw The Ultimates into a frenzy. Fury can only watch in a state of helplessness as the world looks to him for answers and Hawkeye, Thor, and Iron Man do their best to survive.

I've only recently gotten back into Marvel Comics, and I'm even more unfamiliar with the Ultimate Universe. I've read some of Ultimate Spider-Man and enjoyed it, and I have to say that I enjoyed this title as well. The art was spot on, the writing was very solid, and even though I've never read any of The Ultimates before I still understood the story and what was going on. When it comes to doing a brand new number one issue it's important to have a jumping on point for old and new readers and Hickman really pulled it off.

If anything I'm now more interested in the more contained Ultimate Universe than I am the huge and vast regular Marvel Universe. In fact if anyone knows any great Ultimate mini-series I should check out please let me know. I'll be catching up on Ultimate Spider-Man and The Ultimates until then.

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