Monday, August 1, 2011

Red Robin #25 - Review


Tim Drake has been chained to the wall by the villainous Promise, but he's in for more than he bargained for. Instead of the usual banter and threat to be killed, Promise instead turns Drake over to a Daughter of Acheron -- a half sister of Ra's al Ghul. She has something completely different than killing in mind, and it's procreating. She plans to rape Tim Drake and raise his child as one of the worthy to take over Ghul's legacy. Luckily for Drake, Black Bat (Cassandra Cain) had been following him. The Batman Inc. network is triumphant again, but there's an even more creepy villain waiting in the shadows to take Drake under his wing.

Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Marcus To, this issue of Red Robin made me realize something about Tim Drake that I hadn't really taken into account before. Everyone knows that Drake has been the most inventive and quick learner in the Bat-Family. In fact, Bruce Wayne gave control of the company to Drake in case he had died, and he's still running most of it to this day. The majority knows, villains and heroes alike, that Drake is going to be a big player in the Meta-Human world when he grows up. His path will probably decide whether it's good or evil that triumphs in the end. Thank God he's on our side. But much like Batman's villains are a reflection of him, Red Robin's villains are what he could grow up to be. Drake has had just as much training as the assassins he's battling, and just as much intelligence as the creepy men pulling the strings from the shadows. It's Drake's intellect and detective skills that make him a great character, and Nicieza is playing that up very well.

The art in this issue is pretty standard, but it's also well done. There's a great use of line and composition that screams classic superhero genre. The panel pacing is just as crisp as it always is, and I actually found myself wishing I had the next issue on my stack and ready to read. I'm sad that this title is going to be going away soon, but we'll still get to see Drake in the new Teen Titans book in the DCnU.

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