Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fables #107 - Review


General Mirant has chosen his city and new empire, but is at a loss when it comes to ruling it. Due to Briar Rose's spell, the city is now locked with Sleeping Beauty, who slumbers on a slab in the middle of town. By crowning hordes of young men as newly appointed princes, Mirant hopes to have one of them kiss her and wake the city and its inhabitants. Just as he starts to devise a new plan in order to wake her, a group of goblins sneak in and wreck his entire plan. But it's a whole different ball game when the goblins discover a shocking surprise about Sleeping Beauty.

Written by Bill Willingham and drawn by Terry Moore, this issue of Fables was good, but not great. It had an interesting story and the artwork was good, but it just didn't have anything to make it stand out or give it any pizazz. I'm a much bigger fan of Fables when they're in the Mundy World and not in the homelands, so that might be part of it. It might also be that I'm on a jumping on point way after the last issue that I was on.

Overall it's not a bad issue, and I would still pick it up. Just don't expect the same level of mischief and adventure you usually get in an issue or installment of this series. Then again, you can't be on target all the time, can you?

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