Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daredevil #2 - Review


Daredevil is just getting into being back on patrol when Captain America's shield comes flying out of nowhere. Cap tells Daredevil that he's a wanted criminal and that he's been given ample time to turn himself in. Daredevil pleads with Cap to give him a chance to prove his innocence, treating it more like a case in the courtroom than a rooftop superhero battle. Cap reluctantly agrees, but remembers that Daredevil is someone he's trusted in the past. Meanwhile, Daredevil must find out who it is who is threatening every lawyer in town, and he's not ready for what he discovers.

Written by Mark Waid and drawn by Paolo Rivera, this issue of Daredevil was just as good as the first one in this run. Watching Daredevil and Captain America duke it out was a delight, and really proved how skilled each of them are. Right off the bat they take each other's weapons and battle each other. After watching them utilize an enemy's tools in mid-battle, I can say that I'm glad that they're two of my favorite mainstream superheroes.

The writing in this issue sucked me in deep, and that's no surprise, it always seems to happen when Waid takes on classic characters. The artwork was also wonderfully paced and penciled. A mixture of details and simple lines that gives it that authentic superhero feel that only comic books can deliver.

This is really shaping up to be a great title, and if you've been on the fence about Daredevil now is the time to get into him. Matt Murdock may not be the most powerful guy in the Marvel Universe, but he's definitely a strong character. If this arc continues to explore his life as a lawyer and as Daredevil the way it has been then I think it's going to really surprise some people who have given up on the man without fear. So here comes Daredevil! Evil beware.

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