Thursday, August 18, 2011

Captain America #2 - Review


Steve Rogers had the funeral of his former ally Peggy Carter interrupted by super HYDRA agents and he wants answers. He and Nick Fury plan a raid on a HYDRA facility in order to recapture a strange power that was once wielded by a very powerful ally back in WWII, but find that the tech has already been moved. Even more trouble arises as a larger than life villain from Cap's past returns to wreak havoc on him.

Written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Steve McNiven, this next issue of the new ongoing Captain America title is continuing to impress me. Like the new Daredevil title by Mark Waid, this series has great writing, wonderful art, and makes the main and side characters feel real and fleshed out.

I've only recently gotten into Captain America since the movie, but what I've been discovering about him in the comics is only making me enjoy him more. Although I did enjoy the Super Soldier Steve Rogers costume with the large white star and wings, it's good to see him back in his classic duds as he takes on HYDRA.

There's some great change-ups in the panel pacing and snappy dialogue from Brubaker. It's good to see them take a character that's been around so long and still make him relevant and interesting today. If you enjoyed the movie you'll love this new ongoing series. It's only two issues in, so it's not to late to grab a back issue of the first and pick this one up with it.

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