Wednesday, August 3, 2011

American Vampire #17 - Review


Skinner Sweet and a handful of soldiers have fought their way through the Japanese and a mess of vampires when they find themselves in an even bigger dung heap -- a huge dirty bomb of infected blood ready to be dropped on America. The soldiers call in an air strike and the group tries to fight their way out in time. But can they make it out of the blast range before they're killed by the enemy? Or each other?

Written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Rafael Albuquerque, issue #17 of American Vampire was a fun and very quick read. I had only read the first trade paperback of the series, so I wasn't really up to speed about what was going on. It didn't change the fact that it was still a really fun issue and that the artwork played well with the concept of big war movies combined with gothic horror. It's also fun to see Skinner Sweet throughout the various decades, doing dastardly things and loving them more and more.

The issue as a whole could be pretty confusing to start off on, but if you've been reading this series at least sporadically you should understand the basic concepts of what is going on in terms of regular vampires and American vampires.

Not too much more to say except that it was a great issue, but I expect nothing less from a now Eisner Award winning series. Congratulations Mr. Snyder, you earned it!

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