Wednesday, July 27, 2011

X-Men #15 - Review

Evolution Takes Its Toll

In Christopher Yost's "First to Last" conclusion the X-Men finally make their move in the past and the present to take on the Evolutionaries and save mankind. While the Evolutionaries want mutantkind to take its rightful place as the dominant species on Earth, Cyclops and the X-Men don't want all of the normal humans to pay the price for it. In a last ditch effort by the Cyclops of the past and the Cyclops of the future, a machine that can separate the cosmic power from the Evolutionaries. But is it really the end of the fight for evolution?

In this latest issue of X-Men we see the big differences between the Magneto of the past and the Magneto of the future. In the past he would have killed off humanity without a second thought, and now, in his more humbled state, he can see the error of his ways. If anything I think that this story arc was a wonderful reminder of how far he's come as a character in recent years.

Aside from that the story was good, but not the best. It was fun to read and the artwork, done by Paco Medina, is very fun and stylish. It has a hint of Jack Kirby influence and a wonderful use of then and now elements. It's worth reading just because it's a fun romp into the world of the X-Men and a great idea for a time travel story where the main characters don't actually do the traveling.

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