Friday, July 29, 2011

Venom #5 - Review


Flash Thompson tangles with the Human Fly as Venom, facing the disgusting things he's done to innocent people in the name of "consuming calories." But Flash's real battle lies at home when he finds out that his father, Harrison, is missing and presumably drunk. Flash takes a tough stroll down memory lane, reliving the events that caused him to be a bully and then turn his life around in the military. In this issue it's Flash Thompson against his inner demons instead of the onslaught of external ones in the Marvel Universe.

Written by Rick Remender with art by Tony Moore and Tom Fowler, this issue of Venom continues on the path of setting up Flash Thompson as more than just a symbiote host. Remender is taking the time to build up Flash and Venom as a whole new character with hopes, dreams, and flaws. From the reader responses that I've seen it seems to be working so far. Flash has taken on a whole new role in the Marvel Universe as an anti-hero, and it seems that he's going to play a much bigger role down the line.

The artwork by Moore and Fowler was very different, and I think that I liked Moore's work a bit better, but it was still a solid issue. It almost gave a whole different feel as to how the world of Venom looks and how the world of Flash Thompson looks.

The writing in this issue was really solid. It felt like reading a really well-plotted short story. I'm honestly pretty amazed at how well American comic book writers have been doing lately. I had sworn off American comics due to the bad writing and non-stop plots of superhero books. And although I do get burnt out on the big events and climatic battles, I still do enjoy the personal stories of the characters and how they juggle their lives.

This was a great issue and I have yet to see Remender take this title down the wrong road. Pick it up!

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