Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Unwritten #27 - Review

The Tinker Strikes!

Tom Taylor has gotten his hands on his father's old journals, which give him some insight as to who he really is and where his magical and literary powers come from. A character called The Tinker keeps popping up in the entries, and when Tom goes to a museum to look over relics of Golden Age comic books he finds that The Tinker was a superhero that predated Superman. Not only does this obscure crime-fighter have a connection to Tom's father, but the main character of the comic book has many similarities to Tom himself.

Written by Mike Carey and drawn by Peter Gross, this issue of The Unwritten was just as much of a delight as any of the other issues. I still just can't say enough good things about this comic book series. This issue had a great mix of flashbacks and forward storytelling that make me wish it were a TV series on AMC or HBO. Of course it's just perfect as a comic book, too.

A great aspect of this issue was its focus on the villain, Pullman, who shows just how far he's willing to be pushed around by the Cabal that he's a part of. He may seem like just the muscle in their arsenal, but he's existed long enough to have a strong head on his shoulders. He's someone I definitely wouldn't want to run into in real life or a fictional story.

The pacing is right on the spot for his issue. The artwork is still very striking and bright, and the overall arc of the story is moving forward while not showing all of its cards. Carey and Gross are crafting a series that I hope gets more attention, because it's one of my favorite titles from Vertigo right now.

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