Sunday, July 17, 2011

Starborn #8 - Review

Starborn and Soldier Zero Team-Up!

While Ben Warner battles a large group of The Pride in the stars, Soldier Zero tries to fend off a scouting party on Earth. Ben tries to convince Talon that the humans of his civilization weren't as noble as they had seemed, and that he has proof that the humans were enslaving other alien races. He'd love to explain this to the members of the alien councils, but they won't let Ben get within ten feet of them without trying to tear his head off. It's not easy being the heir to an empire that did horrible things, but hopefully Ben can change all that. In the meantime, can Soldier Zero hold his own against an enemy he's never encountered before?

Written by Chris Roberson and Stan Lee, with artwork by Khary Randolph, this issue of Starborn was EXACTLY what I had been yearning for -- a Soldier Zero crossover! Soldier Zero is a great concept, but I feel like putting him in a larger scope has better chance of having him grow on fans and as a character. I sincerely hope that Stewart and Ben end up teaming up in the same panels, and that they start working towards a similar goal.

The artwork by Randolph in this issue is beautiful as always. He really lends his heavy and interesting line style to the world of Starborn and it shows with every issue. Roberson's writing makes this title feel like it's existed for years, giving it a strong backstory and mythos to build upon. Stan Lee may be an old fellow, but he's still got plenty of wonderful characters left in him.

This issue as a whole was very good, and is the reason why I think that Starborn is the best of the Stan Lee signature titles. Maybe we can see these two characters team up with The Traveler sometime in the near future?

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