Friday, July 22, 2011

Green Lantern #67 (Conclusion) - Review

The War is Over!

The "War of the Green Lanterns" is over and so is the run of this Green Lantern title. After 67 issues it's been quite a journey. Geoff Johns has really taken Hal, Kyle, Guy, and John to whole new heights, as well as the entire Green Lantern mythology. Luckily he'll be back on the creative team when the new #1 launches in September.

Until then, onto this issue!

Hal Jordan and the others have been freed from the powers of the other rings and have reclaimed their abilities as Green Lanterns. As the entire Corps tries to fend off the possessed Guardians of the Universe, Hal and Sinestro try to take down Krona once and for all. Krona asks Jordan why it is that he fights so hard for a race of beings that don't even care about the others that live in the universe. Jordan replies that he doesn't believe entirely in the Guardians or the decisions that they make, but he does believe in everyone that bears a Green Lantern Power Ring and the ideals of the Corps. This sparks Sinestro's interest and he lunges out to save his old rival. It's at that point that a Green Lantern ring chooses Sinestro as its new bearer. Everyone is in shock, but Jordan and Sinestro know that it's time for action, not debate. With his incredible will power Hal Jordan is able to do something no one is supposed to have the power to do -- kill a Guardian. Krona is finished, but the Guardians don't see Jordan's act as heroic. Instead they label him a traitor and strip him of his ring, sending him back to Earth without being able to defend himself in front of them. Sinestro is left with is Green Lantern Ring, unsure of what the future holds for him.

Wow. That's all I have to say. Johns is the king of making me think that one thing is going to happen in Green Lantern and then giving me a whole new direction. Many people were upset that Sinestro got a Green Lantern Ring, or were confused by it, but it makes perfect sense to me. He's never been against the ideals of the Green Lantern Corps, only the Guardians. Sinestro believes in the Corps and seeing Jordan put his life on the line for those ideals sparked the flame that had once made Sinestro the greatest Lantern of them all. I'm excited beyond belief to see where the series goes with the new #1.

The writing from Geoff Johns, as always, was wonderful to read. The artwork by Doug Mahnke was iconic and well paced, and I think it was a fitting end to the years that this series has been on shelves. With this same creative team coming back in September, I feel as if I can overcome any fears of the new Green Lantern series not being up to par.

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