Thursday, July 7, 2011

Detective Comics #878 - Review

Batman takes on Tiger Shark!

This issue of Detective Comics finishes off the "Hungry City" story arc and pits Batman (Dick Grayson) against the infamous Tiger Shark -- a pirate of international waters who has an affinity for rare items and endangered animal skins. While Batman fights against this new and merciless enemy, another dark force waits for him in the shadows. James Gordon is back in town, and what he's been up to may shock and disturb you.

Written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jock, Detective Comics #878 was a well-rounded end to the "Hungry City" story. For my money it was the story about James Gordon that was the real page-turner. Since his re-introduction he has made my skin crawl, and Snyder's writing has had readers guessing whether or not he's as legit as his father, Commissioner Gordon, would like to believe. The last page of this issue had my mouth hanging open, which, considering the final image, is kind of funny in a twisted way.

The writing in this title since Snyder has taken over has been some of my favorite in comics right now. Jock's artwork lends well to Snyder's style of Batman storytelling, and I'm sad to hear that the two of them will no longer be working on this title after the DC reboot in September. I am interested in seeing where they take Grayson as Batman before that big change, because it seems as if he'll be returning to the role of Nightwing.

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