Thursday, July 14, 2011

Captain America #1 - Review

Man Out of Time

Steve Rogers was transformed into the United State's greatest super soldier in WWII, turning him into the beloved Captain America. But as a man who has spent most of the 20th century frozen, he finds himself forgetting that he should be an old man by now. He attends the funeral of Margaret Carter, his love from WWII. But the funeral is cut short when Rogers, Nick Fury, and Dum Dum Dugan are targeted by a sniper. Their search for the shooter takes them on a horrifying trip down memory lane and right into the clutches of a group of special forces HYDRA members. But who is really pulling the strings behind the reappearance of a soured ally from the past?

Written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Steve McNiven, this brand new first issue of Captain America was a real treat. I admit, I have never read a Captain America comic book before. It just wasn't a character that had intrigued me. I had always been the cynical little jerk who thought that any superhero named after our country had to be a reflection of how this country actually is. The wonderful thing that I've discovered about Rogers as I've researched him is that he stands for what HE believes America should stand for. A man who thinks that we can get back to our golden age (comic book pun intended). That sort of drive, with one man against the world, is the exact sort of stories that I like.

The writing is very fluid and spot on. I was engrossed in the issue the entire time I read it. The pacing was pretty straightforward, and you kind of saw everything coming out of your peripheral vision on the page. But it's an action title. I'm expecting things to go "boom" every so often. And speaking of things exploding, the artwork is definitely worth a mention. McNiven's work is incredible. The first thing I thought when I was reading this was, "man, this is some great artwork." And I felt that way right up until the end of the issue.

Overall, Captain America #1 is an incredible issue. I believe I'm going to be following this series from now on, and picking up issues when I can. Brubaker and McNiven should be pleased with their work, not to mention Marvel should be nodding their heads knowing that they made the right decision with this title.

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