Monday, June 20, 2011

X-Men #12 - Review

Evolution Takes A Dire Turn

The Evolutionaries once appeared before Professor X and the original X-Men years ago when the team consisted of Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Beast, Angel, and Ice-Man, telling them that if there were no official leader of Mutantkind, that no true decision about the fate of humanity could be reached. When they confront the current X-Men on Utopia, Cyclops tries to buy them time to save humanity as the time traveling omniscient beings look for someone else to barter with. After a scuffle, Cyclops loses his window, and they find a person who will speak for Mutantkind -- the Magneto of the past!

Written by Christopher Yost, drawn by Paco Medina and Dalibor Talajic, and published by Marvel, this issue of X-Men was a part 2, which I evidently missed out on part 1. The story was paced well and was more of a science fiction issue than an action issue, dealing with the concept that someone must decide who is more worthy to survive on Earth -- humans or mutants. The artwork is very well done, and has a mix of modern and classic elements to it in terms of line and color. The pacing was well structured, and it kept my attention on every page.

The only drawback that the book might have is that it's all setup, but that's not really a problem if you're following along closely with the X-Men in the Marvel Universe. I'd say it's worth taking a look at, in the sense that Magneto, who has been working as a member of the X-Men, is now going to be working against the past version of himself.

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