Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Uncanny X-Men #538 - Review

Kitty Scratches Back!

Written By: Kieron Gillen
Drawn By: Terry Dodson
Inks By: Rachel Dodson
Publisher: Marvel

In the conclusion to the "Breaking Point" story arc, the former Powerlord known as Kruun from Breakworld has incapacitated the X-Men in their sleep and gutted Colossus in order to enact his revenge for losing to him all those years ago. Kitty Pryde has just regained her tangible form through a strange ritual by Kruun's wife, Haleena, and rushes to save her teammates and friends.

This issue of Uncanny X-Men was a pretty fun read, though it wasn't anything spectacular. The fight between Wolverine and Kruun was a good bit of comic book sport, and I do love Kitty Pryde as a strong female character taking charge in a crisis situation. For those that don't know, Kitty is the X-Men member known as Shadowcat -- a young woman who can move through solid objects. She was recently trapped in her intangible form, unable to make contact with anyone or control her powers. I had always wondered what would happen if an ability like that backfired, and I'm glad that Marvel was willing to let the X-Men take it down that path.

The end of the issue is what I really enjoyed. Cyclops has been trying to turn the X-Men into something more than a punch and run team, and their solution for the refugees from Breakworld shows that new approach. If there's something that comics don't show enough of it's people learning to understand each other rather than pummel each other to death.

In summary, it's a good book to read to get a feel for the tone of the new version of the X-Men that Marvel has been putting out, but I wouldn't say it's for people who are die hard action fans.

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