Thursday, June 23, 2011

Invincible: Season One (Motion Comic) - Review

The Best Motion Comic EVER

High schooler Mark Grayson has plenty to worry about -- girls, friends, his part time job at a burger joint. It only gets more complicated when his superpowers FINALLY start showing up. But how can Mark live in the shadow of his father, Nolan Grayson, the famed superhero Omni-Man, who can fly to Egypt to stop a flood in mid sentence? Grayson, filled with a sense of destiny, decides to make his own path as a warrior of justice. It's not easy being a teenager when you're invincible.

Written and created by Robert Kirkman, drawn by Corey Walker, and published by Image Comics, Invincible is a superhero series about being a superhero. It doesn't follow any set universe like Marvel or DC, and it attempts to make it's own vast array of characters and motives within a very well written world. This series, put together by MTV, was a collection of the first 13 issues of the comic book series turned into 6 episodes of a motion comic. This series is actually the best I've ever seen in terms of motion comics, and has me wishing they'd do more.

Most motion comics try to animate the characters within the panels, often making the mouths and characters move slightly. I've always found this a bit unsettling, and a little distracting from the story. This motion comic adaptation, which is done by Jeff Shuter, is more of a radio play with a comic book backdrop. The panels will still move, but the whole panel is either shaken or animated, not the characters. The text is animated, and isn't really needed, but it's nice to have it there anyway.

I just got back from my local comic book store and the person at the counter says that since the release of the motion comic Invincible has been added to six or seven people's pull lists. It's no surprise that a release like this could spike more people's interest, and I'm excited to try and catch up to those who have been reading for years.

The series as a comic book is wonderful, but the motion comic is worth checking out too. For the price of $7.99 on iTunes you can get 13 issues worth of story. That's only 61 cents per story! Wow, I should work in their marketing team.

Bottom line, this is one of those superhero stories that anyone can get into because you don't have to know a universe's size of knowledge to jump right in.

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