Sunday, June 26, 2011

Futurama: Neutopia - Review

Where Ya From You Sexy Thang?!

Futurama had a double episode premiere this past week and the first episode of the new season was "Neutopia," in which the crew of the Planet Express ship and a few famous side characters have their genders deleted, switched, and then all mixed up! The episode does alot to explore the concept of gender roles and the hilarious things that each sex thinks of the other one. You haven't lived until you've seen Fry as a stupid man AND as a stupid woman. It just goes to show that there are certain strengths to each sex and certain drawbacks. In the end, our personalities remain constant despite what we have in our downstairs mix-up.

This was a strong opening for a new season and I'm really excited to see more episodes. Futurama is one of my all time favorite cartoon shows or sitcoms for that matter, and I'm glad that it went back on the air last summer. The writing for this episode is what I expect from the creative team behind Fry, Leela, and Bender's antics, and already we've been given some good quotable lines from the first episode. I won't quote any of them here, because they'd be spoilers, but expect to hear them around the nerd cooler sometime soon.

The voice acting was strong as always, and it always amazes me that Billy West does the bulk of the characters. Zapp Branigan makes an appearance, which is always welcomed in an episode.

I'm kind of sad that I don't actually have cable right now, but I was able to buy both of the new episodes off of iTunes for a reasonable price. You get an HD version and an SD version of the show to tote around on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone.

Science fiction and comedy fans rejoice, one of our favorite TV shows is back with a vengeance!

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