Sunday, May 8, 2011

X-Men #10 - Review

The X-Men Get Scaly

Concluding the "To Serve and Protect" 4 issue arc, the X-Men and Spider-Man take on Dark Beast's reptilian hordes, only to be transformed into lizards themselves! With only Spider-Man and Emma Frost still in human form, can the two of them put their grievances aside and save the kidnapped children, their teammates, and anyone who might be a future pet of Dark Beast?

This issue, which was written by Victor Gischler and drawn by Chris Bachalo and Paco Medina, wasn't as exciting as the last few issues were. It wasn't bad, but it focused more on the banter and unusual teaming of Spider-Man and Emma Frost. The dynamic between the two of them, who are very different characters in the MARVEL Universe, was fun to see, but felt like it was replacing more time for story and development.

It was fun to see lizard versions of the X-Men, still with all their own powers, hunt down and tango with Spidey. Especially the satisfaction Spider-Man gets from delivering a hit right to Wolverine's face.

Overall it was a good story-arc. I love stories about the lizard, and I felt like it was a great situation for a crossover with Spider-Man and the X-Men. It just kind of lost momentum when there was more time spent crawling through disgusting sewer pipes and making jokes than actually trying to thwart the villain and reveal more motivation.

That being said, this is still one of the best MARVEL titles available right now.

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