Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Doctor Who #4 - Review

The Doctor Doesn't Know Jack

When The Doctor, Rory, and Amy investigate the murders caused by Jack The Ripper, the Tardis Team discovers that there's a whole lot more going on during the famous slasher's killings than originally thought. Amy's alter-ego from the past is added to the list of victims, and it's up to The Doctor and Rory to prevent that from happening. But is Jack The Ripper, a man without humanity and the world's most notorious serial killer, even human at all?

Written by Tony Lee, drawn by Tim Hamilton, and published by IDW, this comic book series of Doctor Who follows the adventures of Matt Smith's Doctor and runs along with the ongoing television series. The characters portrayed in the book are very close to their TV counterparts, and the art has a very stylistic quality that sets it apart from the normal and overly action-based look of other comics.

The pacing of the story and the plot feels very much like an episode of Doctor Who, which was my main concern going into the series. Basing something off a TV show that's currently running is always a gamble, but luckily the Who-niverse is wide enough to have side stories going on with the main characters involved.

Lee takes a great moment in history and is able to add the signature Doctor twist that makes the period piece stories such a delight to read. I would even go as far to say that I'd be interested in seeing Lee write an actual episode or special for the TV series, but sadly that isn't up to me.

If you're a big fan of the TV show, it can only do you good to get more doses of The Doctor, Rory, and Amy in this ongoing series from IDW.

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