Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Detective Comics #877 - Review

The Bat and The Roadrunner

Batman (Dick Grayson) continues his investigation of the killer whale that was left as a calling card in a Gotham City bank's lobby. Inside the whale was the body of the bank owner's friend. The bank owner - Sonia Zucco, who is Tony Zucco's daughter! The same man who killed Dick Grayson's parents years ago. Now as Batman faces off against a new gun smuggler called The Roadrunner, he starts to get a taste for the new criminal element that is filling Gotham on his beat as Batman. When the leads to the perpetrator of the whale incident send him offshore, Batman finds himself up against something a whole lot bigger than a killer whale.

Written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jock, this issue of Detective Comics gives us another interesting take on Grayson's ascension to Batman. The more Grayson dons the cowl and cape, the more he starts to understand what it's like to fight crime as its biggest fear personified. In this issue particularly he discusses the feeling they get when a member of the Bat Family is trapped or doesn't know how to react to a situation. This level of insight into the minds of our favorite crime fighters is something I wish they would cover more.

The overall story is the second act of a three part arc, so it was mostly building up to the confrontation of Batman and the mysterious villain known as Tiger Shark. This title has continued to have very interesting artwork and plot lines, and this issue is no exception. Snyder and Jock can keep teaming up on Batman stories for as long as they want, just as long as I get to read them.

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