Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Mountain State: Season One - Review

Football For Comedy Nerds

Alex Moran (Darin Brooks) has the perfect plan to live the ultimate college life -- be Blue Mountain State's 2nd string quarterback and breathe in all the glory with little or no effort. He and his best friend Sammy (Chris Romano) are in for the kind of college experience that only gets written about in raunchy movies, that is until team captain Thad Castle (Alan Ritchson) goes about making their lives a living hell. Between babes, booze, and ball games, Alex will have to fight to maintain his 2nd string spot without losing his status or impressing the coach to the point of becoming 1st string and killing his dreams of the rock star lifestyle.

Written and created by Chris Romano and Eric Falconer, this series is essentially the college football movie turned one-camera sitcom. It isn't a bad thing at all, as the cast proves that the overly sexed-up comedy situations that make movies like American Pie so funny and successful can be done just as well on the small screen. The very strange thing about the series is that there's very little football in the actual show. We often see Alex practicing, but I can't remember ever seeing an actual game. This adds more to the fact that it's about the characters when they're not on the field, and the insane hijinks that can go on when your teammates are idiots or just plain insane.

Darin Brooks does a wonderful job as Alex, and the character's drive to only be 2nd best plays well against the usual stereotype of the quarterback who wants to be top dog. The person who really steals the show is Alan Ritchson, whose antics as the insane team captain Thad make the show laugh out loud funny. Whenever Thad walks on screen I know I'm going to get a deep gut laugh going within seconds.

Another surprising aspect of this show is that it's not geared toward football players only. It rings true as a sex-romp or brash comedy for people of all tastes. The fact that it's willing to just be what it is and be funny is enough to keep people watching. It's not so much about football as it is about trying to make the best out of the first four years after high school.

I recommend this show to anyone who loves football movies, but more to people who love just unabridged and raunchy comedy. It's definitely worth a look, and I believe the show is in its 3rd season currently. This proves that Spike TV can still put out quality shows, as opposed to some of the flops of the past few television seasons.

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