Monday, May 23, 2011

Batman & Robin #23 - Review

The Red Hood Runs With Blood

Before I even start to setup this issue and review it, I think this is one of my favorite comic book covers in the past two years. The work that Guillem March has done needs to be recognized and commended. This is one of those covers that I'd love to have as a poster in my house. The use of the bright golden background paired with The Red Hood, Batman, and Robin just pops in that way that only comic books can.

That being said, lets get on to the review!

When notorious vigilante/murderer Jason Todd AKA The Red Hood wants to be transfered from Arkham Asylum to the general correctional facility, Bruce Wayne has his doubts about his intentions. Todd has passed all of his psych exams, but it's his ruthless love for murdering criminals that makes him a real threat. Unfortunately, it's not up to Bruce, Dick Grayson, or Damian Wayne wether or not Todd stays in Arkham with all of the other psychopaths. In that setting he can't get his hands on any other criminals, and as soon as he moves to the general population, the body bags start stacking.

Written by Judd Winick and drawn by Guillem March and Andrei Bressan, issue #23 of Batman & Robin brings The Red Hood back into the spotlight of the Bat-Family's problems. The character of Jason Todd has really grown over the years, and you can feel it inside of his monologues and expressions. Once the devil-may-care Robin that replaced Dick Grayson when he became Nightwing, this attitude-ridden kid has become one of the most dangerous former allies Batman has ever had. Now that Grayson is acting Batman of Gotham, he has to face his former replacement in the dark streets of the city's underworld.

Fans got a wonderful dose of Todd as The Red Hood in the DC Universe film Batman: Under The Red Hood, and this new incarnation of him in the comics is really building up his popularity. He's a very interesting villain, because he's seen the world from the point of view of the citizen, the hero, and the villain.

If you're looking for an intriguing take on what happens when one of Wayne's partners goes bad, this is the series you should be reading right now.

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