Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Red Robin #22 - Review

Tim Drake Faces Foes and Himself

When the Angels of Death threaten to burn the city down to the ground unless they can find a single person who is without sin, Red Robin swings into action with Batman (Dick Grayson) and Catwoman to try and stop them. Drake doesn't agree with the Angels of Death and their religious motives, and if he's going to pass their tests he's going to have to push his body to the limit to face them. But when he passes the test of sin and fails the test of faith, the Angels of Death decide that Gotham isn't worth existing. Can Drake, Grayson, and Selina stop them? Or will Gotham be a city of ash like Sodom and Gomorra?

Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Freddie E. Williams II, this issue of Red Robin was interesting to read because it took an aspect of crime fighters that isn't often covered -- religion. The Bat-Family has faced religious fanatics before, but none of them have ever had to come face-to-face with their beliefs in order to stop an entire city from being destroyed.

The great thing about Tim Drake as a character is that he's someone who rose from a life of hardships to become someone greater, never lying to himself or others. When it comes time for him to save the city, he has the choice to lie and save everyone the easy way, or be honest and do it the hard way. It happens as a knee-jerk reaction, and he almost blames himself for telling the truth. I think that it's a great commentary on how people should be, trying to do the right thing with out even thinking about it.

The adventures of Tim Drake are proving that a Robin character can carry a book by himself, and the work that Nicieza and Williams are doing is spectacular. I feel like I missed out by jumping on this train a little late in the game. I always thought Tim Drake was a great Robin, and I'm excited to see where he goes with his new identity.

My only complaint is that my subscription to this title didn't provide me with the first issue, and that it's spread over a couple of different series. But hey, that's more my fault than anything else.

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