Sunday, April 3, 2011

Green Lantern Wondercon Trailer/Footage

Consider me Completely Excited

When I saw the original trailer that was released for Warner Bros. upcoming Green Lantern movie, I wasn't impressed. In fact, I was mortified. The trailer tried to play it off as another Ryan Reynolds comedy in which he says snappy lines at women. Don't get me wrong, Reynolds is a cool dude and it's something he's good at, I just didn't want that to be the attitude taken to one of my favorite science fiction franchises and characters.

I had planned to see the movie no matter what, just so that I could see how good or how bad it was going to be. I had my mind made up that it was going to be another throw-away superhero movie.

And then I saw this:


Something in the back of my mind kept telling me that the first trailer was trying to just get in the general audiences, the people who have no idea who Hal Jordan or the Green Lantern Corps are or what they do. I was hoping that when a new trailer came out that it would portray the movie as the space epic I had heard it was through all of the script reviews a year ago. Thank God it didn't disappoint.

Reynolds may still have a bit of sarcastic charm in the trailer, but it's nothing that Hal Jordan doesn't have. The effects (which aren't even done yet) look stylistic and fit the tone of the Green Lantern mythos. The electric bolts of light jumping from his mask and costume make it feel like an actual construct, instead of just a tight suit of actual material.

I can understand Warner Bros. wanting to go for the mass audience at first, but I feel like it kind of alienated the people who were looking forward to what Hal Jordan and his story is all about -- Intergalactic Power and the Fear it produces.

Parallax looks a little different than I would have anticipated, but it is more menacing that I have ever seen it. The yellow entity is consuming and destroying everything in its path, and I'm sure it'll be a formidable foe for the Corps, who can be seen cheering against it on Oa during Sinestro's powerful speech.

I can't wait for June 17th!

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