Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green Lantern #65 (War of the Green Lanterns Pt. 4) - Review

Pick Your Poison!

The renegade Guardian of the Universe named Krona has taken control of all of the Green Lantern Corps, turning the members into slaves by an infected power battery. Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart are on the run from every non-human member of the Corps, stuck on planet Oa with no means of escape. Jordan has one solution in order to fight back -- use the Power Rings of the missing Lantern Corps leaders of the Sinestro Corps (Yellow - Fear), Red Lantern Corps (Rage), Indigo Tribe (Compassion), Blue Lantern Corps (Hope), Orange Lantern (Avarice), and Star Sapphire Corps (Pink - Love). They all decide that they need to pick the ring they can be best in tune with. Jordan picks Sinestro's ring, having been the host of the evil Parallax in the past. Kyle picks the Blue Lantern ring, because he has hope for the future. Guy picks the Red Lantern Ring, because he thrives on his rage. And John is given the Indigo ring by the others, who claim him to be the most compassionate of the group. They're transformed into Lanterns of completely different colors, having to use powers they've never had before to stop their former Corps members and save the universe from total takeover.

This is what big and epic science fiction is all about. The moment they decide to put on the rings of the different Lantern Corps feels like a scene from a huge blockbuster movie. The action in this series and any Green Lantern story is beyond what you'd expect from a comic book title, and it's always action with a purpose behind it.

Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Doug Mahnke, this issue is the next powerful chapter in the War of the Green Lanterns Saga, and it hits a home run right off the bat.

The best thing about the four human Green Lanterns is that even though they're often working together, they're not the best of teammates. They all think and strategize very differently, and having to work together without their normal powers puts them in character situations that push the story forward in brilliant ways. It's not often that these four guys get to be in the same room, and all of them kind of feel as if they're the best that there is when it comes to being a Lantern. Whenever they do put their differences aside, they're an unstoppable force. I've been waiting for a moment like this again since the Sinestro Corps War years back.

Stop reading this review and start reading Green Lantern. The movie will be out soon and you'll get a much bigger grasp. I suggest starting out with Green Lantern: Secret Origin by Johns.

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