Sunday, April 3, 2011

Green Arrow #10 - Review

The Emerald Archer battles Physical and Mental Demons

Jason Blood has held the Demon Etrigan inside of him for centuries, using it to transform and protect the innocent at a moments notice. Now, inside Star City Forest, Jason and Etrigan have separated, and Etrigan is on a warpath from Hell. But the real battle going on in this issue is inside Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), who is still wrestling with his horrible decisions and actions leading up to and including The Blackest Night (when the undead Black Lanterns attacked the universe, as foretold in the Green Lantern Oath). Ollie has been protecting the forest, which sprouted with White Lantern symbols outside of Star City when they drove back the Black Lantern hordes, and has done his best to thwart any evil that was found lurking in the trees. Now he comes face-to-face with that evil, that's been residing in the ground below his feet.

Written by J.T. Krull and illustrated by Diogenes Neves, this issue was a fun read and has some great guest appearances from fan favorite DC characters. It is a little too fantastical for me when it comes to a Green Arrow book, though I have always loved seeing the DC Universe crime fighters without powers tackling the villains who do have them.

The added backstory of the mysterious man who claims to be Sir Galahad from King Arthur's Round Table is revealed as well, and though his origins aren't what he thought, it doesn't take away his heroic drive to protect the forest and all of those in it.

I've always though Green Arrow was an underrated character, and from what I've been reading in forums and in the back of Green Arrow issues, it seems he's picking up steam. I had heard musings about a movie where he breaks out of Super Max Prison, but I'm not sure if it's still happening.

To wrap up on this issue, it's pretty good, but it's deep into a story arc, so I would recommend reading 1-9 first.

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