Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ghostbusters TV Spec Script - By Me

So I've decided to write a spec script for a Ghostbusters TV show to add to my portfolio. I don't know the rights to the franchise at all, but would like to show that I can take an existing concept and retool it for a different medium, which is an important part of franchises nowadays. I also just love Ghostbusters and feel like I can do a strong piece of writing in order to show off my skills to prospective clients.

I used the AMC logo because it would naturally be the place for the show to air, since they do some of the best One-Hour-Dramas out there right now. Whether Sony has a deal with them or not isn't really relevant, I just think it's a good idea to make promo images to promote your writing.


Here's the info for my spec script:



Ten years after the events of the video game, a new group of Ghostbusters have taken over the firehouse and continue the contract work of the original boys in grey. When a renovation company with strange ties to the Ghostbusters' past starts having problems all around town with haunting spirits, it's up to scientists Kurt Gardner, Walt Nowicki, and Abraham Baar to don the packs and save the world from the forces of the paranormal. But what sinister plans are festering beneath the city? And what is the meaning of the strange symbols that keep sprouting up on the city's buildings?

Basically I've moved on from the original Ghostbusters to a whole new set. I know that it isn't what people really want, but it's the only way to take the story. By making it a TV series about a different group, it allows the movies to stay in tact and be kept separate from adding to the mythos and creating new characters and situations to have horror and comedy combine into one. The real spirit of the show was the comedic take on the supernatural and horrific things going on, and while the members of the team embody the original characters, they have their own motivations and drives. I also leave it open for the original characters to come back at any point, as they now work as the chairmen of the company and keep in email and phone contact with the current team.

Again, this is just for my portfolio. I thought it would be fun to write and it would showcase my ability to transfer mediums and continue franchises. Plus, it's Ghostbusters, who doesn't love that?

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