Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doctor Who: Series 6 - The Impossible Astronaut - Review

The Series Amps it Up

Last night the series premiere of Doctor Who took the world by storm and kicked off what will be a very interesting and intriguing series. The stakes have never been higher, the show has never looked better, and Matt Smith's Doctor has finally come into his own. Set in America in 1969, The Doctor, River, Amy, and Rory are confronted with a creature that is forgotten every time you turn away from it. These creatures have built a complex set of tunnels all over the world, and seem to know a little too much about what's going on with the Doctor. They also have an eerily familiar space craft, and there's a ticking clock as to when the Doctor's future is going to catch up with him.

This episode made me scream like a little girl after seeing it. I really wish that I could disclose what happens, but I think it's better for fans of the show to see it themselves. Stephen Moffat has crafted a new version of the cult science fiction series that has miniature adventures inside of one overlying arch to the series. It's very much like the 12 issue arcs of comic books over an entire year. The dialogue in this episode is a treat, because it feels like Moffat finally found a voice for Smith's Doctor, being unsure, witty, and often snappy with people when he doesn't get his way. He's the perfect mixture of a very old man in a young man's body. The new creatures, who have yet to be named, are terrifying. They act very much in the same vein as the Weeping Angels in terms of their method of attack, but have a bigger scheme behind their giant heads. It's also cool to see them because they're obviously the origin of the little green/gray men from popular Roswell mythos.

The thing that sets this first episode apart are the locations. Shot in Utah, the Doctor and company are out of their usual element and in the fantastic landscapes of the US. They go from a lake in Utah to the White House to Florida, all following the cryptic messages of things to come. There's guests from history, a new character who is a retired FBI agent, and an ominous Astronaut that will decide the Doctor's future.

Another great aspect of the show is the permanent addition of River Song to the cast. She and the Doctor have a very Batman and Catwoman relationship right now, with her being on the wrong side of the law and both of them not being able to resist each other. There's some great witty banter between the two of them, and some very well placed flirting.

I can only say that I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. I'll be reviewing every episode as it comes out and keeping Who fans up to date on the developments. That being said, go see it already!

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