Monday, April 4, 2011

Batgirl #19 - Review

Ms. Brown Cleans up the Town!

Written by Bryan Q. Miller and drawn by Dustin Nguyen, Batgirl follows the adventures of Stephanie Brown as she tries to balance college life and crime fighting in the hectic world of the DC Universe. In this month's issue Stephanie goes toe-to-toe with a villain called Slipstream, who is using an anti-friction suit to move faster than normal and tag various amounts of money to be stolen later. With a little help from Barbara Gordon and Bruce Wayne, Stephanie now has a full setup via Batman Incorporated to help her fight the forces of evil and expand the reach of the Bat Family.

I had never read an issue of Batgirl until now, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually is. It's definitely a much more light-hearted Batman title, but in no way does that hinder the actual characters or plots of the young Stephanie Brown. She's another example of women in comics that can kick ass without being an overly sexed-up mistress of action and adventure. Not that she couldn't pull it off, it's just not her style.

The artwork has the Nguyen flair of being crisp, clean, and well paced, and the writing lets new readers jump right in and understand where the character is coming from. I didn't have to worry at all about not having read any other issues, and anything I didn't know I just had to check out on wikipedia and the DC webpage to get more info.

This is a wonderful title for young women who would like to start reading comics, but it's also good for long standing fans of DC to see new blood take on the dark streets of the fictional universe.

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