Wednesday, March 2, 2011

X-Men #8 - Review

The Claws of the Lizard Reach Out to the Youth

Picking up right where issue 7 left off, the small X-Men team led by Storm is given the low down on the Lizard and the recent epidemic of reptilian monsters in the sewer system. Brilliant and tortured youths are being kidnapped all over New York City, and after some detective work, the X-Men realize that a webpage where youths complain about everyday life is recruiting outcasts. Wolverine is tipped off to one of the recently targeted kids, and follows him to an underground sewer passage, where a huge reptilian monster is waiting to snatch the youngster. Wolverine does his best to hack at the beast, but is soon overwhelmed by a legion of scaled assailants. The other young kids who've been abducted try to pry their way free, while an unknown person in the shadows tortures the original Lizard, draining his blood for experiments.

The level of fun in this book is off the charts. It's just good old fashioned action comics. Not to be confused with Superman books of course.

My only complaint about this issue was that it was something of an exposition to the overall story, with not much moving the plot forward. However, the use of the kid's detachment from society is put to good use as a mirror to hold up to the X-Men as well as Spider-Man himself.

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