Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Venom #1 - Review

MARVEL COMICS gives readers a new Dark Web Slinger

Venom, the alien symbiote that got it's start clinging onto Spider-Man, has changed hands quite a bit over the years. Originally paired with Eddie Brock, it went to Mac Gargon (The Scorpion), and passed along to a few other characters down the road. Now, the government has the symbiote on its payroll, and former high school football star and wounded war veteran Flash Thompson is the host.

Flash lost his legs in the Iraq war defending his fellow soldiers, inspired by his biggest hero, Spider-Man. When given the chance to have legs again, as well as the same powers as his biggest inspiration, Flash was more than willing to take on the dangers that come with being Venom's host.

The cover is misleading in the sense that Flash looks like this for the bulk of his time in the suit:

The new suit design gives off a black-ops Spider-Man feel to it, and I honestly think it's pretty cool. He does go into a sort of berserker mode when his anger or emotions get out of check, and that's when Flash turns into the classic murdering and demonic Venom character.

This is the first issue of the series, and I made a point of going out of my way today to pick it up. I had been a Venom fan since I was a kid, and I was interested in seeing what direction they're going to take the character. I haven't been too keen on his former hosts since Brock, but I have a feeling that Flash is going to be the person to make this character shine.

The tone of the book is that of war and espionage. Flash is acting as a secret government agent, entering war zones and taking down supervillains that are on the White House's hit list. He's the first "good" person to have the Venom symbiote, and it could corrupt him or bring him to new heights as a hero. In expanding my reach into MARVEL, I think I've found a title I can follow excitedly as they're released every month.

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