Monday, March 14, 2011

Teen Titans #92 - Review

One Robin? Two Robins? Oh, my Medication!

Continuing the plot line from Red Robin #20, Red Robin and the Teen Titans take on a slew of Calculator Clone Bots outside of a nightclub while trying to protect the civilians from the exploding corpses. While the fight against DC Universe's most dastardly tactician is bad enough, the fight between Red Robin (Tim Drake-Wayne) and Robin (Damian Wayne) is even more heated. Damian had joined up with the Titans under the recommendation of Dick Grayson in order to build up a better network of friends for his career. Damian, raised by The League of Shadows, doesn't feel a kindred with any of the Teen Titan's teammates. When Tim shows up to assist them against Calculator, Damian feels even more left out when they embrace Tim as their Robin again.

The relationship between the two young "brothers" of the Bat-Family is something that is really interesting to watch. These two are ultimately going to grow up to be the heads of the empire someday, and the fact that they can't stand each other is great grounds for some thrilling material down the road. Tim Drake worked his way into the family while Damian was accepted simply by being a blood relation to Bruce Wayne. Tim has already established himself as someone worthy enough to don the cape, but Damian constantly feels like he has the birth right to take on all the responsibilities his father has created.

I don't usually read Teen Titans, but after reading this book written by J.T. Krul with penciling by Geroges Jeanty, I think that I could stand to read a few more issues. I'm confident that any title can be interesting under the right creative team, no matter what the premise is. It's also interesting to see the first young generation of heroes deal with being history's first second string of capes.

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