Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Starborn #1 - Review

Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact

Stan Lee presents Starborn, a BOOM STUDIOS title about an aspiring author named Benjamin who can't wait for his first novel to be published and to quit his day job. Ever since he was a child, he's dreamed of a story about a place called The Human Civilization out in space, and the actions of the evil slave race known only as the Hive that try to destroy it. Benjamin isn't the first one to write about this however, and soon discovers that a writer named Kirk Allen used to write stories completely similar before he was born. After getting his novel rejected, Benjamin soon finds himself being chased by the very creatures he's written about. Now his only hope is a young woman he grew up with, who apparently has been sent to protect him and take him away from Earth.

Written by Chris Robertson and drawn by Khary Randolph, Starborn is a mixture of comic book lore and science fiction novel mystique that sucks the reader in with a relatable main character and fantastic artwork. The use of color and light is so incredible in this book that I wanted to take every page and use it as the desktop image of my computer or mobile phone. The fact that I'm a writer who would also love to traverse the stars does give me an edge as far as liking the subject matter, but anyone who has ever dreamt of doing more with their life will be able to find this book relatable and extremely fun.

For a first issue, this book has loads of heart and soul to it. I have yet to find an original title by BOOM STUDIOS that hasn't blown me away in some way or another. One thing that BOOM STUDIOS does very well is pacing. I feel like I'm reading some of the best written Japanese comics when I find my eyes gliding across the page while also taking in the dialogue and artwork in full. It's a skill that not many comics or publishers can boast about having.

After reading this issue, I've eagerly been searching for the second one. I hope to be caught up on this series before the next issue is released.

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