Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kirby Krackle -Review/Spotlight

Nerd Rock that Actually Rocks!

If there are two types of media that I feel should be closer together it's comics and music. Many comic book creators, myself included, have started to suggest soundtracks or songs that they think go with the material that they're writing and producing. Nerd Rock, which is a genre that has music that references or is about "nerdy" subjects, is on the rise. A marriage of rock and roll and comic book fandom that isn't just fan service, but actual good music. The kings of this genre -- Kirby Krackle!

Borrowing their name from the art styles of Jack Kirby, Kirby Krackle consists of Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos. Aside from sounding like comic book characters themselves, they're both avid fans and big promoters of the medium in their everyday lives. The vastness of their knowledge in the medium is reflected in the lyrics of songs like "On and On," "Ring Capacity," and "Going Home," all of which can be found on their album E For Everyone.

(Debut Self Titled Album, Kirby Krackle)

(E For Everyone)

If there's one thing that separates this Nerd Rock band from others is their catchy lyrics and just plain wonderful music. Lots of musicians can write songs about literature that they enjoy, but few can produce songs or entire albums that actually rock as well as reference the material. I've found myself singing the lyrics to songs like "Henchman" and "Up, Up, Down, Down" for days on end, and that's not a bad thing.

If you're looking for well produced rock music about your favorite characters, comic book references, or lifestyles as a lover of the two mediums, this is the band for you. I met Kyle Stevens at Emerald City Comicon this year and he couldn't have been a nicer guy. I personally hope they continue to put out music for years to come.

Here's a link to their website. Do yourself a favor and check it out:

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