Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Incorruptible: Vol. 1 - Review

The World's Greatest Villain Becomes Its Greatest Hero

Incorruptible is the sister series to Mark Waid's very successful superhero epic Irredeemable, which centers around a universe where it's Superman-like protector The Plutonian has gone haywire, killing all in his path and destroying entire cities. Caught up in one of The Plutonian's first major attacks, Max Damage, the world's most feared supervillain, has a startling realization -- the world needs a hero. A hero who is willing to be completely good and willing to step up to someone like The Plutonian. After disappearing for a month, Max Damage returns on the scene with a vow that he will be incorruptible and completely good in order to stop the newfound evils of the world.

Produced by BOOM STUDIOS, this title is just as good as Irredeemable and enhances the story line and world that Waid is creating. Max Damage is a man who the longer he stays awake, the stronger and more impervious to attacks he becomes. The only drawback to this power is that he loses his senses of touch, smell, and taste. He exists as a man who is numb to the world. With that kind of existence, it's natural that a man might be corrupted to do horrible things just to feel some kind of twinge in his body again. But when he witnesses the atrocities that The Plutonian commits, he finally feels something deeper than vengeance in his body. He feels the need to do be the absolute force of good in the world. A feeling that he hasn't experienced since he was an ordinary man. Max Damage is the comic book character I've always wanted to see. It's easy to take a man and make him completely good from the start. It's a whole different monster to take a man covered in darkness and have him choose the better path.

The artwork in this series is wonderful. The pacing and movement of the artwork feels so cinematic that it feels more like watching a comic than reading it. Jean Diaz creates an atmosphere of line and composition that demands the eye to keep reading from panel to panel. Paired with Waid's writing, this title might even surpass Irredeemable in terms of artwork and writing combined.

BOOM STUDIOS is the company to watch right now. DC and MARVEL will always be our standbys for superhero stories, but BOOM is proving to be the alternative for people who are looking for something new from the tried and true methods of the genre. The concept of taking a supervillain and turning him into the ultimate hero would come off cheesy in the hands of anyone else, but Waid, Diaz, and BOOM have found a way to give it a solid background and launching point to make it feel authentic and as if the characters have existed for decades.

Incorruptible and Irredeemable are the titles to watch right now. Stop reading this review and go pick them up.

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